School Vision Statement: 

Chase Elementary School will empower students to choose the tools necessary to independently navigate their own learning as a result of creating and sustaining a student-centered environment that facilitates curiosity, collaboration, and autonomy.


Chase Elementary will ensure excellence in learning for all, resulting in students that possess the foundational skills necessary to be globally competitive graduates.

Stakeholder Survey

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Have You Taken the BCPS Stakeholder Survey?

Last year, BCPS used Stakeholder Survey data to guide school improvement, identify staff training areas, improve office safety, and help staff work better together. Your responses can help us improve even more!

Available online from January 30 through March 3 at, the survey only takes about five minutes or less, is anonymous, and is available in 16 languages for students, parents, and community members.

The survey can be taken from anywhere using a phone, tablet, or computer, but students, parents, and staff will be given opportunities to take the survey at school. If you are a BCPS parent and employee, or if you have children in more than one school, you are encouraged to take the survey more than once to reflect these experiences. See flyer for more details.

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