About the School

Community the school serves:
The community this school serves is:
  • Diverse: There is a wide range in socioeconomic factors. 60% of our students receive free and reduced lunches. Demographically, 29% of our students are African American, 66% of our students are white, and 5% are of other races.
  • Uniqueness: Chase is unique in its waterfront location and expansive campus and Lighthouse designation 


  • Regular classes: 386
  • Special Education-inclusion only: 60 (16%)
  • ESOL: 2 (0.01%)
  • American Indian/Alaskan: 3
  • Asian: 3
  • African American: 85
  • Hispanic:  20
  • Pacific Island: 1
  • 2 or more Ethnicities:  38
  • White: 234

Structure and Programs:

  • Career and Technology:   Grades K-5  1:1 HP Revolves, Pre-School and Pre-K  1:1 Dell Tablets, Wireless Internet throughout the building, Interactive White Boards, Document Cameras, and Docking Stations in all instructional spaces.


  • Classroom Teachers
    • Highly Qualified: All teachers at Chase are highly qualified.
  • Teacher Support
    • Full-time: 2 Special Educators, Guidance Counselor, Library Media Specialist, STAT Teacher, Music Teacher, Instrumental Music Teacher, Art Teacher, Physical Education Teacher, Speech, Teacher, 4 Instructional Assistants, 4.5 Additional Adult Support
    • Part-time: 2 Social Workers, School Psychologist Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy,  ESOL
  • Administration: Principal and Assistant Principal
  • Office: Administrative Secretary and Clerical Secretary